Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fall Leaves

Hello Everyone! 

Is it feeling like fall by you?  It finally is here in St Louis.  No fall leaves yet, but that hasn't stopped me from stamping them!

This stamp from Technique Junkies, Autumn Blessings, is super easy to turn into a beautiful card. 

I wanted a very loose water colored look for this image.  Problem is, I am so picky about coloring that it is hard for me to go outside the lines, lol.  My way around that is to lightly pencil in approximately where the image will be and then watercolor BEFORE stamping.  No kidding!  That is the only way I can get a loose look! 
I did go in after I had stamped the image over the water colored card front and add some detail and shadows. 
You can get 10% off of this stamp- actually your whole card minus clearance- with code TJ10LeeAnn.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

Lee Ann 

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  1. Ok. I LOVE your idea!!! DEFINITELY going to do this. I have the same problem of wanting to control the art. I'll have a beer, then watercolor, dry it, stamp over it BWAhahaha! Thank you so much! I love your leafy tree, Lee Ann!!!


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