Monday, February 17, 2020

In Memory

Today I am joining several crafters for a blog hop to support a fellow crafter and former team mate (The Rainbow Card Challenge) who has lost her brother, Bill, to esophageal cancer.  The color of esophageal cancer awareness is periwinkle, so we based our hop on that color.  Thanks to Mynn Kitchen for putting this hop together.

Periwinkle has always been one of my favorite colors, but when it came to picking a color to put down on paper, it was harder than I realized.
I started with hand cutting a shoreline mask.  From there I sponged in some sky and then stamped he distant tree line and did mirror image stamping for the reflection on the frozen pond.  I stamped the tree in the foreground in a darker grey and then added detail to the ground around it with Copics.  I also added detail to the shoreline with Copics and added a touch of periwinkle on the icy pond for the shoreline shadows.
I did go at this project with some inspiration.  I used the photo below (from Pinterest) as my jumping off point.

Product details are below.  
Here are the hop participants~

You are here - LeeAnn Barrett


  1. Beautiful card. I'm sorry to hear about her brother. [Bunny]

  2. I love your card! I wish I were better at creating scenes.

    Hugs, Mary Ellen

  3. Love this creation! The photo inspiration is perfect. Thank you so much for helping support others today! You are fabulous! Hugs! Mynn xx

  4. Great take on the pic, Lee Ann. The scene looks so serene and peaceful. I really love this card!

  5. Lee Ann- thank you for the kind words and the beautiful scenic card. I totally agree with Nandini- it is peaceful and serene. My brother used to go folk dancing by a lake in Maine every year. I imagine this is what it looked like.

  6. This is beautiful, perfectly peaceful - Jacqueline xx

  7. Lee Ann, what a wonderfull idea- photo on your card. Hugs! Ewa

  8. Absolutely gorgeous card! My heart goes out to everyone that has lost a loved one. Hugs....Janie

  9. Gorgeous card, trees are perfect for such an occasion.

  10. This is a beautiful sympathy card.


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